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This series is a set of 30 Limited Edition Tokens that can be used to represent a "heart puzzle charm" on the Cardano blockchain.

Only 10 of each puzzle piece was minted, very rare! Each uniquely numbered. Buy one for you and one for your significant other, or get all 3!

Policy ID: b7ff9fa6cfed.....d30b16ee0caf
Script: c38c6e2dd90c.....7f1d0a443fc1

HeartPuzzleCharmLeft (01 - 10)
Price: 50 ADA
Tokens Remaining: 8

HeartPuzzleCharmRight (01 - 10)
Price: 50 ADA
Tokens Remaining: 7

HeartPuzzleCharmFull (01 - 10)
Price: 50 ADA
Tokens Remaining: 8

I use a RequireTimeBefore time-locked policy for NFTs and tokens. This gives me the capability to create a token group or series in multiple transactions where all the tokens have the same policy id. Without smart contracts, this is the best I can do right now. No minting or burning of the token is possible after a certain slot.

Physical meets digital! Each art piece is hand painted on cardboard puzzle stock, 100% unique and very rare. The painted pieces are then digitally altered by the artist.

The paint color and order in which the paints were applied for the puzzle pieces is random and comes from
The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.

My paints are numbered 1 through 10, and the random number and order determines which paint I use and when I use it. Two additional paints are also used at my discretion throughout the process.

The policy id for this series is: b7ff9fa6cfedbcf0adcb0636fd270aa15688dea30572d30b16ee0caf
The combination of the policy id and token name is what makes it unique on the Cardano network.

All puzzle charms are complete and stored on IPFS. IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that has many advatages over hosting the images myself. When a file is distributed throughout the IPFS network, it’s hard to remove it. If you make a backup copy of the NFT image file and for some reason the file disappears from IPFS, you still have a unique IPFS hash. You can upload the file again, the hash will be the same and the file will be available again. We encourage you to backup your NFT image files locally.

All tokens are now minted. When the token is minted, it creates the transaction with metadata on the blockchain and the NFT is then associated to that forging transaction forever on chain.

To verify that you own the token, check your wallet and make sure the name matches the name of the charm you purchased and verify the policy id is: b7ff9fa6cfedbcf0adcb0636fd270aa15688dea30572d30b16ee0caf.

No refunds period. The sale process is decentralised and to avoid fraud we cannot alter anything. The token will be sent to the address the buyer stipulates during correspondence. The buyer is responsible for providing a valid address so triple check it! If the public Cardano blockchain shows you got the token, then the sale is FINAL.

The cost of each token is listed above the puzzle piece, it takes considerable time and technical know-how to produce these puzzle charms.

This art collection was completed and minted 4/7/21

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