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This is my first Cardano NFT series titled "Random Puzzles". This is one of the earliest NFT series on the Cardano blockchain!

My minting policies, at the time I created this series, didn't prevent me from making multiple copies of the same token and you are trusting me not to mint more copies.

Policy ID: 81eb87060e25.....9b414dab5159
Script: 6f5e0d89b888.....7f238481b260

This series is a set of 10 Limited Edition Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) that can be used to represent each puzzle on the Cardano blockchain.

Each art piece is painted on cardboard puzzle stock, 100% unique and very rare.

The buyer will receive the NFT Token, the physical puzzle and the original digital image. The NFT token name and the artist's signature will be hand written on the back of the puzzle. If the buyer wishes to remain anonymous I will destroy the physical puzzle, keep it or give it away at the buyer's discretion. Buyer must pay all shipping charges.

The paint color and order in which the paints were spun for each piece is random and comes from
The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs. Paints are numbered 1 through 10, and the random number and order determines which paint I use and when I use it. Two additional paints are also used at my discretion throughout the process.

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!


Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

Price: 50 ADA SOLD!

The images above are scaled for display to give you an idea of what each puzzle looks like. Click the image to see a copy of the actual NFT digital image that is included with the purchase.

These images look great when run through various filters, you can really make them your own!

Click HERE to see an example of a filtered image.

Because smart contracts do not yet exist on Cardano, minting policies are limited. My minting policy is a Single-issuer policy. A single-issuer minting policy specifies that only the entity holding a particular set of keys is allowed to mint tokens of the particular asset group. For example, the set of keys specified in the minting policy must have signed the minting transaction.

An example of an asset group that would use a single-issuer policy would be tokens representing baseball cards. The company manufacturing legitimate collectors’ cards would publish the keys required by the minting script to mint new baseball cards.

This would mean that no new baseball card tokens can be minted without the company’s signatures. This type of policy can be implemented without smart contracts.

So for this series, no new NFTSpinArt001 through NFTSpinArt010 tokens can be minted without my signature. Using the baseball card analogy, I am creating 10 very rare, unique cards. Only 1 of each card will ever exist. You are trusting me to never mint any other copies.

The policy id used to mint this series is: 81eb87060e25c09b10221b1ac555c77a151b81386e929b414dab5159
The combination of the policy id and token name is what makes it unique on the Cardano network.

The token names are as follows:

NFTSpinArt001  NFTSpinArt002
NFTSpinArt003  NFTSpinArt004
NFTSpinArt005  NFTSpinArt006
NFTSpinArt007  NFTSpinArt008
NFTSpinArt009  NFTSpinArt010

All 10 art pieces are complete and stored on IPFS. IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that has many advatages over hosting the images myself. When a file is distributed throughout the IPFS network, it’s hard to remove it. If you make a backup copy of the NFT image file and for some reason the file disappears from IPFS, you still have a unique IPFS hash. You can upload the file again, the hash will be the same and the file will be available again. We encourage you to backup your NFT image files locally.

All 10 tokens are minted. When the token is minted, it creates the transaction with metadata on the blockchain and the NFT is then associated to that forging transaction forever on chain. When I transfer the token to the buyer, the original forging transaction’s metadata will be added to the new purchase transaction.

To verify that you own the NFT, just check your wallet or favorite explorer for the token and meta data. Below is the meta data from the process of minting NFTSpinArt010.

No refunds period. The sale process is decentralised and to avoid fraud we cannot alter anything. The NFT token will be sent to the address the buyer stipulates during correspondence. The buyer is responsible for providing a valid address so triple check it! If the public Cardano blockchain shows you got the token, then the sale is FINAL. If the puzzle is damaged during shipping, just throw it away. If the puzzle never arrives/gets lost in shipping, then it's just gone, pretend it never existed. You are NOT buying the physical puzzle. You are buying the NFT token and rights to the digital artwork. The physical puzzle is just a "nice to have" bonus for those interested in having it.

Please note that the back of the puzzle may have stray marks, paint and slight tears associated with the paint process.

Individual puzzle pieces shown above for reference only! I will not seperate the puzzle pieces before shipping. Doing so could damage the original painting, do so at your own risk.

The cost of each NFT is listed above the puzzle, these are limited and it takes considerable time and technical know-how to produce these NFTs.

The art collection was completed and minted 3/23/21