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This is my third Cardano series titled "Metallic Puzzles". My previous series "Random Puzzles" was a huge success and sold out in 2 weeks.

Policy ID: 2631de3144b0.....4c5913e25f19
Script: 983a6309acf0.....df0da9155f95

Only 6 puzzles left!

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Price: 50 ADA

Price: 50 ADA

Price: 50 ADA


Price: 50 ADA

Price: 50 ADA

Price: 50 ADA




Price: 50 ADA



This series is a set of 12 Limited Edition Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) that can be used to represent each puzzle on the Cardano blockchain.

It consists of 6 NFTs of the original paintings and 6 NFTs of the paintings digitally altered.

Physical meets digital! Each art piece is hand painted/spun on cardboard puzzle stock, 100% unique and very rare.

After the art piece is complete, I take a picture of it and alter the picture digitally.

The buyer will receive the NFT Token and the digital image of the puzzle they purchase.

The paint color and order in which the paints are spun for each piece is random and comes from

My paints are numbered 1 through 10, and the random number and order determines which paint I use and when I use it.

Four additional metallic paints are also used at my discretion throughout the process.

I use a RequireTimeBefore time-locked policy for NFTs. This gives me the capability to create a token group or series in multiple transactions where all the tokens have the same policy id. Without smart contracts, this is the best I can do right now. No minting or burning of the token is possible after a certain slot. As the owner/buyer of the NFT token, you can be assured that it is unique after a certain slot and no other copies will be minted.

Visit to see details about each minted token.

Cardano NFT standards/best practices are starting to evolve now and I did my best to follow all the guidance in place at the time I minted the tokens.

No refunds period. The sale process is decentralised and to avoid fraud we cannot alter anything. The NFT token will be sent to the address the buyer stipulates during correspondence. The buyer is responsible for providing a valid address so triple check it! If the public Cardano blockchain shows you got the token, then the sale is FINAL.

This art collection was completed and minted 4/9/21

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